Founders, Scott Carr & Michelle Pierre-Carr wanted to use their diverse experience in (finance, sports and fashion respectively) to create a schoolwear company which could grow to become so much more. The aim was to create a seamless clothing journey from nursery right through to secondary school, but with the goal of being able to have a positive impact on local children, and then children around the world.

Junior children around wooden table

Our vision is to help change children’s lives one campaign at a time, and as we continue to grow, we’re able to turn this vision into a reality. By focusing on using fashion as a force for good, we’ve been able to take steps like employing local students on Saturdays, and giving returning university students roles with us across the summer. We also offer uniforms via a bursary scheme to several of our schools, helping parents who may be struggling and ensuring the children don’t feel singled out for having older or the wrong uniform.

We’re continually developing and evolving. So if you would like to know more about our initiatives, or would like us to get involved in your school initiative, then please let us know.